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I've got a handful of older commissions I'll be getting done in between Midnight Tiger pages this next 2 weeks which will allow me to open up 3 early commissions slots for both Long Beach Comic Expo next weekend and Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con the weekend of the June 19 each. This will be available for pick up at just those 2 shows only. At least for now. The list is on a first come/first serve basis...Just one character...Full Color... $100 a piece. Interested parties can contact me at

*If this goes well, I'll do the same for SDCC*

Hey All!!

How about a preview of the Skyward/Midnight Tiger FCBD issue!…

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Howdy Folks!

This weekend I'll be attending the Long Beach Comic and Horror Convention Nov. 23-24. I'll be in Artist Alley at table 2100-2101 with prints and doing sketches and sketch covers.

See you there!
As I finish up a couple more commissions today I wanted to tell you guys that I'll be auctioning new pieces on Ebay tomorrow afternoon: Thor, Batman w/Damien, Batgirl (Stephanie Brown), Magik (X-Men), and Rogue (Either Savage Land or Green & Yellow w/Jacket version)

I'll make sure to upload it her as they go up with a link to each auction.
My buddy :iconnicchapuis: and Anna C. Ramirez just launched their Kickstarter for the beautiful graphic novel World of Fiction!… Check it out and help back it if you can!
Hello All!

This weekend I will be in Anaheim, CA, attending WonderCon in Artist Alley at table AA-084. I will be there doing regular convention sketches/commissions and DeWayne Feenstra and I will also be selling our extra copies of the exclusive cover of Midnight Tiger #1 that also includes a print. I also also have 2 extra sketch covers that I'll be selling for $40 a piece.

So, if you're already attending the show please stop by and say hello!

You can now purchase Midnight Tiger #1 through!…
Hey Deviantart Fam'!

Midnight Tiger #1 is complete! The digital copies have been sent out to Kickstarter backers already. So, if you were one of them…THANK YOU!  It was a long ride, but we've finally gotten to the finish line.
in the next couple of days the Indy Planet link to purchase the book online will be up and running and I will make that link available ASAP, but until then...People who would really like the digital copy now can purchase it through me via PayPal for $0.99. If interested, use via PayPal with your email in the message box and I will send you and email with your copy.

Hey There Folks!!

This weekend I'll be attending the Long Beach Comic Con in Artists Alley at table #1800.

Due to all the work I've been doing on Midnight Tiger, this year I'll have 2 new prints and just a few pieces of original art for sale. Though, I'll still be drawing commissions and sketches seeing as it's the only place I take them nowadays. I'm doing just 5 full body commissions this year. You can either get on the early list (email) or get to my table EARLY because the usually go within the first 2 hours on Saturday!

My commission and sketch prices are:
Head Shot - Inks on comic backing board (about 7″x10″), sketch cover, or personal sketchbook: $10
Head Shot - Copic markers on comic backing board (about 7″x10″), sketch cover, or personal sketchbook: $30

Bust/Waist Up - Inks on comic backing board (about 7″x10″), sketch cover, or personal sketchbook: $20
Bust/Waist Up - Full color Copic markers on comic backing board (about 7″x10″), sketch cover, or personal sketchbook: $50

Full Body -  Inks on 9″x14″ art board w/minimal Copic marker grays: $80
Full Body - Full color Copic markers on 9″x14″ art board: $100

Hope to see you guys there!
Hello DA Family!!

As of right now. it's just 8 more days to pledge to the Midnight Tiger Kickstarter project, guys!!! I even increased the number of Sketch Covers to help make our goal!

it's the last week and I could really use your support on making this book happen!…

Thanks guys!!
-Ray gave the Midnight Tiger Kickstarter some love:…
Hello Folks!!

Thank you SO very much for following me over to my new DA account. I greatly appreciate your continued support of my art and career to an extent I'm sure most of you will never know. You all rock!

So, it was asked of me why I did this and I feel you all might like to know the details of my reasoning for the move. Well, here is what I said:

"For me, it's a way of moving forward. This (previous) account I've had for many years. From the time I started to really get serious about my career before I had done any professional work, all the way up until I have had several books published by Marvel with my contributed work. You can track my growth as an artist very well here (growing pains and all)and the people who have watched and supported my work has definitely expanded. So, out of respect for them and where I've came from, I'm leaving this up. As for me now, my new DA account will track my next growth period as an established professional in the industry. It will feature more finished and polished artwork. Something to show potential clients and to better display where I am now as an artist."

That's pretty much it :) So, be patient, my friends! I'll be posting all new artwork soon.